Brandon Friend

Chief Executive Officer

T Minus Ventures

Irvine, California



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Founded in 2018 by Brandon and his two business partners, Adam Johnson and Rob Davarnia, SourceStrike provides best-in-class software engineering services to the most discriminating clients, ranging from Fortune 100 goliaths to well-known startups and smaller businesses and everything in between. Brandon and team blazed an exceptionally quick trail to acquisition by Canadian firm Republix in 2020.




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Brandon is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of exceptional execution and multiple successful exits. Today he is a founder of and investor in numerous companies and takes a hands-on approach with each. Despite a tech-centric background, Brandon looks for opportunities to create value no matter the vertical.

Brandon's interest in software began at age 11 when he taught himself to program QBasic and fell in love with software development. He started taking computer science courses at Irvine Valley College at age 13 and never looked back.

Over twenty years later, he has worked with top companies in executive and engineering capacities including one of the big four accounting firms, a Fortune 300 national bank, the largest mortgage loan originator in the country, numerous public companies and small private companies, and some of the hottest startups like Acorns, and many more. His personal work in iOS development has been featured by Apple in their commercials as well as in physical Apple stores across the country, and they have invited me to their campus to develop content that they later showcased at their developer conferences.

Ever an entrepreneur, the successful acquisition of SourceStrike by Republix allowed Brandon to focus his time and energy on building a number of businesses under the T Minus Ventures umbrella.

Brandon loves solving challenging problems with the best people. If you're doing something awesome, get in touch.

Brandon holds a Master's Degree in Mathematics from UC, Irvine.

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